About Alken-Maes?

At Alken-Maes, we work together to bring people together. For decades, we have enjoyed playing an Oscar-winning supporting role during captivating conversations, loving moments and buzzing parties. We are a proud member of the global HEINEKEN Company. Yet our products are local heroes, and everyone here knows everyone by name. The best of both worlds, that’s how we like to describe it. Here, everyone receives opportunities and trust. We go hard on quality and innovation but also take the time to relax afterwards. Brewers of good times of the greediest kind, that’s Alken-Maes.

This is what we stand for

Shaping the future of our beers and ciders to our consumers’ tastes is our aim at Alken-Maes. Our purpose? “We brew the joy of true togetherness to inspire a better world”. That’s the magic of Alken-Maes, that’s The HEINEKEN Company’s mission. Getting together, making memories and creating bonds. That’s how we help make the world a little more beautiful day by day, beer by beer, cheers by cheers.

This is Alken-Maes


Our brands

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the Heineken Group


Working at The HEINEKEN Company?

That means joining a family of more than 82,000 passionate brand ambassadors from all around the world. We all share the same primary mission: brewing the best beer in the world.

since 2008

We have been a member of the HEINEKEN family since 2008, bringing nothing but benefits.

Our Belgian individuality, we have only been able to cultivate it more. Being international leads to more experiments, more passion and excellent career opportunities.


We sell more than 300 brands in over 190 countries.

We have well and truly earned the title of ‘the world’s most international brewer’. Thirsty in Mauritius, South Africa, Italy or Ireland? We’ve got you covered!

150 years

150 years of positively impacting the world, that’s what we stand for.

Brewing a better world is at the core of our business. From climate initiatives to offering a delicious non-alcoholic alternative, it’s so much more than brewing a good beer.

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