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Good times brewing

At Alken-Maes, we work as a team to ensure our consumers can enjoy a refreshing Cristal at the pub or a delicious Desperados out on the festival fields. You can taste our team’s sparkling passion and bubbling ideas over a beer or while dancing to the beat. Creating a great atmosphere on and off the shop floor is what we call Good Times Brewing.

Why (not to) choose Alken-Maes?

Good Times Brewing
Good Times Brewing slogan
  • Thinker and doer, thoughtful entrepreneurship runs in your blood
    Roll up your sleeves because things are moving forward here. You like to take the initiative, think up pragmatic solutions and set up actions to achieve the final goal. Simply waiting until an opportunity crosses your path is not your style. Your career is what you make of it, right?
  • International or local, why choose
    You effortlessly turn the impact of a global player into a pat on the back for one of our local brands. Our craftsmanship knows no boundaries; here, you build bridges between, say, Puurs and Peru. Good news: tournée générale sounds good in any language.
  • Brewers of good times who go for it as a team
    Opportunities, challenges and successes – the good, the bad and the great? You will join a team that knows that together they jump further than alone and that celebrating is more fun in good company. At Alken-Maes, the beer glass is always half full, and a ‘cheers’ is always near.
  • Prioriwhat?
    Did we mention that things are constantly moving forward here? No lengthy ramblings or unnecessarily long validation processes at Alken-Maes. We take the shortest route between initiative and sustainable results here, and you independently monitor your priority list.
  • “Sorry, that’s not in my job description”
    Whoops, we don’t like to hear that here! Mind you, we do have descriptions, but our roles are broad, and we don’t like tight constraints. We’re not very good at such a structure either (yet). That is why initiators, people who get on with it and can establish order themselves, find their place here.
  • Soloslim is not a position on the team
    We don’t just award trophies for your individual merits. We usually win together. Unless you want to cheer on your own, but we think it’s more fun together. Does that mean your achievements go unnoticed? Of course not. In some jobs, individual moments of success are more relevant than in others, but we applaud regardless. We like to look at it efficiently: does the shortest route to a strong solution run only past your station? Great. Do you want to reinvent the wheel? Then we are no match.

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Malt (produced in-house), water, yeast and hops are the basic ingredients of our beer. Makes sense! Competing at the highest level requires a bit more: drive, innovation and sparkling passion, for instance. Our brewers, operators, technicians, demand planners, packing teams, … join forces to ensure the perfect serve. At the pub or at home. Cheers!

Working in Production

Imagine a pub with no beer when you’re having a birthday party or empty shelves at the supermarket right when you’re organising a housewarming party. Our sales colleagues ensure it won’t happen and that our great products are ready for you in the on-trade and through retailers. Your snazzy local Cristal pub or a fresh Maes when your favourite team scores 1-0, they do it all!

Working in Sales

Feeling a little thirsty while scrolling through Instagram? One of our creative and analytical Jacks-of-all-trades from our marketing department might have something to do with that. From Desperados to Cristal, from print ads to TV commercials: our well-known premium beers and ciders are put on their well-deserved pedestal thanks to our marketing team.

Working in Marketing
Supporting roles

Unburdening, supporting, advising and assisting at the right time? That’s what our supporters take care of. Knowledgeable controllers, reliable HR professionals, forward-thinking legal counsels and a supportive IT team ensure that other colleagues can 100% focus on their job: offering solid products and services.

Working in Supporting roles

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Want to know more about working at Alken-Maes? We will gladly serve you the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What skills do I need to get an internship or student job with you?

Juggling three full glasses and whistling Despacito on Desperados bottles are excellent skills, but they are not required to join us. However, what is essential is an adaptable mindset, the will to work and the ability to create order from chaos. All because you will enter a bustling, vibrant workplace. Sounds like your thing? Send your CV to jobs@alken-maes.com.

Who can I contact regarding an internship or student job at Alken-Maes?

Send your application to jobs@alken-maes.com, and it will reach our HR department. There is no separate department for interns or students because each workforce member is a part of the same vibrant Alken-Maes crew.

Who is Alken-Maes’ Data Protection Officer and how can I reach him?

Our DPO is Wouter Vanspauwen and you can reach him via privacy@alken-maes.com.